Christina Z. Anderson
A superb alternative process photographer and writer.
Juliet Cook
A fabulous poet of all things dark.
Katie Cooke
Katie is a prolific pinhole artist and wetplate practioner.
Quinn Jacobson
Quinn is one of the worlds best wetplate artists and wetplate educator.
Kerik Kouklis
Kerik is one of the worlds best platinum/palladium and wetplate artist as well as being a superb tutor.
Carl Radford
Carlos of the North is a gifted platinum/palladium and wetplate artist. Not a bad chap at all, good cook and likes a curry.
Molecular weight calculator
Molar mass is a unit that enables scientists to calculate the weight of any chemical substance, be it an element or a compound. Molar mass is the sum of all of the atomic masses in a formula. Once one determines the molar mass of a substance, it will be easy to measure out one mole of that substance.